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December 14, 2009


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Dawn K-M

I love the stocking and witch's hat. Then the grill and the adirondack chair.

Lori Kaiser

I love the Grill!!


The stocking and the witch hat are my favorites. The engagment ring is nice - but there's only so many showers/engagment parties to use it for! I could see it collecting dust for several years before finding an opportunity to use it.

Jennifer Davis

I love them all. I bought the plate for my mom with some minis to say Thank you for supporting me through college. Now she has almost every mini and I was running out of things to get her. The grill is by far my favorite!!! The graduation cap, chair then the stocking! Keep them comming!

Danielle Shannon

I love them all. Super cute. LOVE the witch hat! Grill is so cute too. I'll be ordering the shamrock once it's available!

I think the ring is so cute, but yes, I guess there are limited times to use it as well as the graduation hat, but I think they are nice to have in the mix!

Nice job Nora! So cute!


I absolutely love love love the starfish! Living in New England, it will be a beautiful feature on our picnic table during summertime lobster boils and cookouts!


LOVE the cupcake, soo cute. I would use it for so many things!

Ann Tallard

They are all so super cute and I must have them all , but I absolutely love the cup cake!! Great job!

Rebecca Hudson

I love the witches hat and the stocking. I also like the graduation one-That could be used at high school, college, grad school and I guess you could use it at graduation from K-garten too..cute.

Stephanie Lee

I love them all, I would buy all of them!!


my favorite is the witch hat and the stocking. ring is cute, but couldn't use very much.


My favorites are the greener shamrock, the witch's hat, starfish and the graduation cap/diploma


I love all of them! But my favorites are the grill and the cupcake! Well, and the witches hat. I love all minis!

Megan Lapping

I like them all....favorites include the stocking and the cupcake. I do not think the updated color on the shamrock is so necessary that I would buy another shamrock!! While the tiffany box is very cute, I don't know that I would have a use for it!!


WOW, Nora! You have out done yourself again! I love the blue box with the ring, which could be used for a bridal shower or anniversary. The grill and the beach chair are is super cute as well. Thank you for taking my serving dishes from boring to fun and fabulous!


I love them all but the cupcake is just too darn cute!! I can't wait to order the new ones. :) Thanks for being so creative.


They look great - so glad to see you're releasing SO MANY new ones!! I'm with the crowd on the cupcake - it's super cute. The grill is good too, since it's also something you can use often. I still think you should make an Ohio State helmet ;)

Darla Hall

Love, Love, Love them - especially the Shamrock and the witches hat - I want, want, want them! :)

Sue Cleary

Nora, I think the whole collection is outstanding! I can't wait to have them in the store!! If I have to pick my favorites, they would be the cupcake, the Tiffany Ring Box,and the Weber Grill. I am glad the Shamrock will be a darker green, it is a big seller for me!

Sharon Holcomb

My Favorites are the cupcake, adirondack chair, witches hat, and the stocking!! Can't wait to order them. Will they be available to see them at the Atlanta Show in January?


They are all fabulous, but the witch hat is my favorite with the stocking second and adirondack chair third.

Jo Krantz

I like the ones that can be used more than once a year -- the BBQ grill is excellent in that regard and is my favorite. The engagement ring, while cute, is not practical for any family other than possibly the Duggars and their 18 or 19 kids. But I do love the graduation cap and tassel -- which can be used from kindergarten to Phd.

Shelli Kindred

My favorite is the cupcake!

Rainer Lowman

They are all precious! I think my favorite is the cupcake and my second favorite is the grill.

Carol Robinson

I love all your minis. I get the nicest comments when entertaining with them. My favs. of this bunch are the Cupcake and the BBQ Grill. How cute!!

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